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What: 📅 Monolith.



Where: 🕳 Adam Small Theatre Complex, Stellenbosch

How much:

🎟️ R65.00Quicket

Thriller 13 | VSL

Written by Dhania Schultz Director Dhania SchultzStage Manager Elizri MalanWith Frances van Rooyen; Heinrich Wentzel; Nichola Viviers

It is human to love. It is also human to destroy that which we love. Call it self-sabotage. Call it self-preservation. Maia is trapped in a whirlwind of deadlines, isolation, and those damned cracks in the wall of her apartment. They’re all she can think about. The ceiling is going to fall in while she sleeps. She just knows it. She needs to work. But she can’t stop thinking about those cracks. Then, Lucas arrives. He’s come to fix her apartment. She hasn’t seen him in so long, but perhaps… maybe he is just what she needs. Someone. A distraction. A connection. Her mother won’t stop calling. She’s knocking at the door. She wants answers. But Lucas is here now. He’s going to fix everything. Everything is going to be okay. Obsessive love. Compulsive destruction. Blood violence pain grief desire. Maia is caught in a cycle of tenderness and violence. It is all consuming.