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What: 📅 Ode to Earthworms

Ode to Earthworms


Where: 🕳 Adam Small Theatre Complex, Stellenbosch

How much:

🎟️ R65.00Quicket

Physical Theatre All

Director Thalia AlbertsChoreography by Thalia AlbertsStage Manager Katie HodsonWith Simone Ras; Matthew Dragner; Unam Sota; Kgahlisho Matloga; Jasmine Maduna; Shayne Joseph

Bathyal and abyssal, Ode to Earth Worms delves into the eternal forces of death and renewal. The physical theatre production explores the natural course of a whale fall as metaphor for all life processes. Unearthing plateaus of symbolism through the body, Ode to Earth Worms submerges its audience into an ocean of questions about the ephemeral and transience nature of all things, even us. Beholding the irreversible effects of climate change, our role in it and our ultimate demise this performance is an apocalyptic love-letter, a fantastical assemblage, a mass extinction, a grand spectacle, a celebration, a mourning, and a glance into the enmeshment of all living things.