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What: 🤣 Spare Parts

Spare Parts


Where: 🕳 Adam Small Theatre Complex, Stellenbosch

How much:

🎟️ R65.00Quicket

Comedy PG | L

Written by Tayla JansenDirector Anja du Plessis Stage Manager Fezeka NontlangaAssistant Stage Manager Aaminah SoumaWith Skyla Cookson; Tayla Jansen; Khaya Manare; Nicola Nothnagel; Torden van Rensburg

In the zaniest corner of a divine workshop, Des and Troy, two bumbling yet brilliant creators, are tasked with filling Earth with life. After an unexpected success with their latest creation—Man, they now face their greatest challenge yet: creating a partner. Enter Woman, and sparks fly—not the romantic kind. With Man and Woman at constant odds, Des and Troy must play matchmakers to get them to see eye to eye. Amidst the chaos of mismatched animals and a hovering, ever-critical supervisor, the duo must navigate through the mess they’ve created. Will they be able to bring harmony to the first ever couple, or will their masterpiece end in mayhem?