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What: 🤣 [indistinct chatter]

[indistinct chatter]


Where: 🕳 Adam Small Theatre Complex, Stellenbosch

How much:

🎟️ R65.00Quicket

Sketch Comedy 13 | SNLP

Written by Daniëlla Botes; Vihann van Rooyen Director Daniëlla Botes; Vihann van Rooyen Choreography by Frances van RooyenStage Manager Michay WinterAssistant Stage Manager Enzo CoccianteWith Vihann van Rooyen; Enzo Cocciante; Frances van Rooyen; Kym Mahundi; Khaya Manare; Angelique Filter; Merwe van Gent; Jurie Boshoff; Zara West; Shannon Hendry

1. (noun) talk, especially meaningless or unimportant talk.2. (noun) an offbeat sketch comedy that serves as a mirror reflecting the absurdities of the South African experience. Through its satirical humour, the play navigates the diverse spectrum of issues encountered within our country, shedding light on the mundane, serious and extraordinary aspects of daily life. From navigating the intricacies of service encounters to exploring the nuances of cultural and political dynamics, the play provides the audience with a safe place to laugh at our indistinct yet relatable chatter.