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What: 🎵 Heat Festival DANCE WORKSHOP: Kizomba II

Heat Festival DANCE WORKSHOP: Kizomba II


Where: 🕳 AVA Gallery

How much:

🎟️ R50.00Quicket

🎟️ R100.00Quicket

Kizomba is a captivating dance style originating from 1970s Angola, involving smooth, slow, partnered dancing. ‘Kizomba’ is a Kimbundu word meaning party or celebration. Rooted in the dance styles of Semba, Kilapanda, and Angolan Merengue, both the dance and accompanying music are slower, more sensual blends of their influences, lending Kizomba dance a certain romanticism.

The goal of the Kizomba dance is to seamlessly synchronize with the music as a couple, expressing this synchronicity through graceful footwork, fluid body movement, and attitude. This unique dance form has been gaining popularity worldwide, particularly among South Africans, with its distinctive energy enthralling dancers everywhere.

Instructor Bio: Klinsmann Ferreira is an Angolan-born Kizomba Dance Choreographer on a mission to elevate the style of Kizomba dance. Renowned for his Kizomba choreography in weddings and music videos, Ferreira is a prominent figure in the Cape Town Kizomba dance scene, his dedication to which has earned him local and global recognition. In 2021, Ferreira won 3rd place in the Kizomba Dance Junior Competition.

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