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What: 🎵 The Organic Magic Project III

The Organic Magic Project III


Where: 🕳 Blue Valley Close

How much:

🎟️ R365.00

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The Organic Magic Project IIIDate: 26th April 2024Time: 5:00 PM - 10:00PMLocation: The Secret Garden, Hout Bay, Cape Town / Blue Valley Close Entrance

SOULTONYX presents - The Organic Magic Project III, a SOULSCAPE initiative (facilitated by Karen Justine & NYX.)

5pm: DOORS OPEN - Find your perfect spot in the garden and settle in and enjoy the sounds of our first guest DJ, SANDY G.From vibrant Cape Town, SandyG launched her DJ journey in 2022. Her first live set at Summer Camp that year ignited a passion that’s been growing ever since. She’s graced various stages, from intimate gatherings to Aquarinox, the Tree of Life Festival, Cape to Cuba in Kalk Bay and the cosmic vibes of Afrikaburn Space 2023. SandyG’s heart pulses to Melodic Tech, Organic, Progressive and Afro House. The emotional power of music captivates her and guiding others through these sonic landscapes is a cherished honour.

6:00pm: THE FUNGI MASTERS & BURN INTENTION SETTING Participants will gather in a circle where everyone will partake of the microdosing together. Thereafter, a few minutes will be given for participants to write their intentions, wishes & ’let goes’ down on a piece of paper to be placed in the BURN BOX. (Led by Karen Justine & accompanied by music from SANDY G)

6:20pm: A CONSCIOUS JOURNEY WITH KAREN JUSTINEParticipants will embark on an inward journey guided by the wisdom of plant medicine in a facilitated dance & movement routine guided by Karen Justine. This session aims to connect attendees with the exquisite natural surroundings of the Secret Garden and unlock the treasures that lie within the realm of plant consciousness.With her wealth of knowledge and intuitive guidance, Karen will lead an immersive exploration, fostering a deeper connection with the earth and oneself.

7:15pm ORLY MAYA - ORGANIC / PROGRESSIVE Orly Maya plays deep melodic sets, bringing together organic house, desert tech, and electronic grooves, often with strong tribal, classical and world music influences. With her music, Orly takes listeners on exploratory – often emotive – journeys of beats and sounds.

Orly has performed at international festivals, including Boom Festival, Ozora and Burning Man. She is a regular on South Africa’s festival scene, playing events including Bazique, Retreat Yourself, AfrikaBurn, Return to the Source and Place of Dreams.

Trained in classical music, opera and choral music, Orly explored a range of musical styles, before finding a home in electronic music.

The philosophy adopted and practised by ORLY MAYA in her music and expression thereof, makes the collaboration between herself & The Organic Magic Project a perfect synergy.

8:30pm INTENTIONAL BURN - An intention setting box burn, led by GORDON TIMMEveryone will gather around for a 10 - 15min SILENT BURN, as we watch our intention notes placed in the box earlier in the evening, being ignited and fired up.

8:45pm: IGNITING THE NIGHT WITH NYX. Guided by the intention of creating a sacred space for free flow dance, NYX. blends electronic tech beats and ancient rhythm that resonate with the pulse of the heart. Moving with a sense of spiritual expression, connecting souls on a frequency that can be felt and enjoyed together, with one another and that of the multiverse.Expect soulful melodic tribal tech sounds as NYX. takes the reins as the conductor of this nocturnal symphony.

7:15pm - 10pm FLOW ART WORKSHOP - DANCE, FIRE & MOVEMENT with THE PSYCHEDELIC THEATREWhat a perfect opportunity, space and occasion to learn, fine tune and even show off your flow artistry. We will have the honour of PSYCHEDELIC THEATRE’s talented flow artists giving A MAGICAL WORKSHOP on the night while our DJs, SANDY G, ORLY MAYA & NYX weave their magic.

A variety of flow toys will be provided for your ‘flow fun’ pleasure and entertainment and will also be available for purchase on the night.

Culmination and ReflectionAs the clock nears 9:45PM, the circle will be closed and the collective energy forged in the garden, sealed.

The Organic Magic Project III promises:

A fusion of plant medicine wisdom (0.2gm of Psilocybin to all on entry).Consciousness movement guided by Karen Justine, a dance and movement circle that invites introspection and uninhibited expression.FLOW ART WORKSHOP

  • Dance, Fire and Movement with PSYCHEDELIC THEATRE. A flow art pop-up workshop will be facilitated by talented artists, where you’ll learn the fun art of hula hooping, poi, juggling, fire dance… The possibilities of this carefree careful craft are endless. Toys will be provided. If you have, bring your own. Toys available for purchase on the night.INTENTIONAL BURN - An intention setting box burn, led by GORDON TIMMSacred fire bales that illuminate the garden and bring warmth & intimacy to the space.An area of silence within the dance circle, (a demarcated area around the DJ booth will be a talk-free zone) allowing for deep connection and individual exploration with the music.A space to connect with like-minded souls - forge lasting connections on this fun journey of transformation.Alcohol is not encouraged at this gathering.Plant medicines and natural enhancing substances are encouraged.Heart Opening Cacao will be available for pre-purchase on checkout (Quicket) as well as on site. (Snapscan)Please bring a blanket / mat to sit on
  • make yourself comfortable.Bring snacks / drinks / H20 for the evening.Bring a warm jacket. Bring PEN & PAPER - for intentional release & burnBring flow / poi toysPsilocybin Micro-dosing top-ups will be available on site.

We look forward to a magical experience with you all and know that there will be a continuation of growth and conscious connection beyond the boundaries of the event.This is our solemn intention and dedication to what we call, The Organic Magic Project…

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