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What: Pre-Pride CTL Breakfast


Pre-Pride CTL Breakfast


We are meeting up for breakfast at Bootleggers at Cape Quarter before the official Cape Town Pride Parade.
The venue is within walking distance from the starting point of the Cape Town Pride parade, and we'll all be doing the march together after breakfast. This is a great way to share this experience as a community. Note that the Pride Parade itself is also free to attend.
This event is- Free to attend (just pay for whatever you order)- Family-friendly (if you have kids, you’re welcome to bring them with)- A great way to ensure you find parking. Coming through to Green Point just before the start of the Pride Parade will mean that finding parking will be a challenge.
Bring along for the Pride Parade March- Sunscreen- Comfortable shoes to walk in- A bottle of water
Note: We use the term \"Lesbian\" as an inclusive umbrella term. It is a label that helps you find a community, not a prescription of who is allowed in this space. This group welcomes and celebrates all sapphics, women who love women (including bisexuals and pansexuals), and all trans and gender non-binary folk.



Shop 45, The Cape Quarter, 27 Somerset Rd, Green Point, Cape Town, 8005 , Western Cape

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