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What: 📅 Mycoforestry Immersion

Mycoforestry Immersion


Where: 🕳 Boschendal Estate

How much:

🎟️ R1500.00Quicket

Join Afrifungi for a transformative journey into the fascinating world of fungi. Our workshop offers an in-depth exploration of fungi’s resurgence in popular culture, the application of ancient techniques in modern contexts, and the creation of significant socio-economic impacts.

Understanding Fungi:Discover the essential roles fungi play in ecosystems, from nutrient cycling to symbiotic relationships with plants. Learn about their potential to inspire innovative solutions in fields such as medicine, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. Delve into the rich history of fungi and how they have been revered in various cultures, leading to their current resurgence in popular culture and scientific research.

Log Cultivation Techniques:Engage in hands-on activities to master the intricacies of log cultivation, with a special emphasis on the highly prized Shiitake mushroom. Learn about the lifecycle of Shiitake mushrooms, the selection of appropriate tree species for logs, inoculation methods, and optimal conditions for fruiting. Gain practical skills that you can apply to start your own mushroom cultivation projects.

Scaling Operations:Discover advanced strategies to enhance productivity in mushroom cultivation. Learn techniques to accelerate the growing process, manage larger-scale operations, and maintain quality control. Explore different business models and marketing strategies to make your mushroom cultivation venture economically viable and sustainable.

Integrating Fungi with Agroforestry:Explore innovative methods for integrating mushroom cultivation into agroforestry systems. Learn how to create regenerative, resilient, and abundant food production systems by combining the cultivation of fungi with other agricultural practices. Understand the benefits of agroforestry, including improved soil health, increased biodiversity, and enhanced ecosystem services. Discover how mushrooms can play a vital role in creating sustainable and resilient agricultural landscapes.

Join us for this comprehensive workshop and immerse yourself in the world of fungi. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cultivator, you’ll leave with valuable knowledge and skills to contribute to the growing field of mycology.