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What: 🎵 Noordhoek Worship Night with Worship as One

Noordhoek Worship Night with Worship as One


Where: 🕳 Cafe Roux

How much:

🎟️ R80.00Quicket

Join us for a night of food, fellowship and worship!

Let’s enjoy a meal together followed by an evening of live music worship with locals Donna, Sino and friends.

Doors open at 6pm (please come early so all food service can end at 19h30 - we would like everyone to be part of the worship, including the beautiful café Roux staff)

Ticket Price: R80 per person (excludes meal) - 100% of ticket sales go to cover sound and bless the café Roux staff!


If you can’t get the table configuration you want and end up booking seats on different tables as a result, please do so under the same email address and we’ll automatically put you together on one table. Or, if you are booking with friends under different email addresses, just let us know - and we’ll make a plan to seat you together!If you struggle with the booking process please contact Quicket - not us! - and, if you can’t make the show, use Quicket’s secondary ticket sale option online - or let us know and we’ll try to sell your tickets on the door.

All contact with us please through - and with Quicket on