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What: 🎵 Southside Agenda

Southside Agenda


Where: 🕳 Cape Town Cricket Club Plumstead

How much:

🎟️ R60.00Quicket

Get ready to experience the ultimate house music extravaganza as we bring you Southside Agenda, a night filled with pulsating beats, infectious rhythms, and the hottest DJ talents in town. Prepare to be swept away by the euphoric energy and lose yourself in the mesmerizing melodies that will have you moving until the early hours. The Lineup:

The Village CPT (Jade Nickels/Wade September): Known for their ability to captivate crowds with their unique style and infectious grooves has earned them a dedicated following in the Cape Town Deep House scene.Clint Hill: With a keen ear for the finest house tunes, Clint Hill’s sets are a journey through the depths of Deep House music. His impeccable track selection and flawless mixing will leave you craving for more.Neil Gain: A star in the local scene, Neil Gain’s dynamic sets are a perfect blend of classic and contemporary sounds. Get ready to be swept away by his energetic performances and cutting- edge productions.Myrim K: Myrim K’s sets are a testament to his unwavering passion for Disco & House music. His infectious energy and unique style will leave an indelible mark on your mind and soul.John Slingers: A true veteran of the decks, John Slingers’ sets are a masterclass in Disco and House music. His deep knowledge and impeccable taste will take you on a journey through the rich history and evolution of this beloved genre. This is an event you won’t want to miss. Secure your tickets now and join us for a night of pure house music euphoria at Southside Agenda.