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What: 🎵 Cape Town Ceilidh Club April Ceilidh

Cape Town Ceilidh Club April Ceilidh


Where: 🕳 Claremont Civic Centre

How much:

🎟️ R90.00

🎟️ R120.00

This is a Family Friendly event, kindly note however that we do have an age restriction of 8 or older!For those of you who have been to ceilidhs before, you know what to expect, but for first-timers here is some background information!Originally, “ceilidh” is the Gaelic term for a social evening in Scotland, with dancing, singing, reciting, playing and anything else that constituted entertainment. More and more it has focused on the dancing side, there being a universally (in Scotland anyway) well-known set of dances that anyone could dance. Ceilidhs are common at wedding receptions and birthday parties in Scotland.The ceilidh always starts on the assumption that everyone is a beginner. Everyone is invited on to the floor and you are shown how to do the first dance. Then it is walked through, to ensure that everyone (even those with two left feet!) have grasped the essentials. The music is then started and dancing happens. There is usually a spontaneous shout and clapping at the end as everyone realises that they have been able to do the dance and actually enjoyed it.From there it is all just great fun as we try other simple dances and gain confidence. Other people on the floor will be dancing with you, for some dances you have a partner, for others you will be part of a set of people, up to 8. Footwork is optional and most people just skip along in a way that suits them. We take a break after about 45 minutes to let people catch their breath, have a drink and chat. We have two more sessions after that, finishing around 10.30. People can opt out when they have had enough. There is a Scottish flavour to all of this but you don’t have to be Scottish, speak Gaelic, or enjoy Billy Connolly (or even Rod Stewart) to enjoy ceilidh dancing.So come on your own, get a group of 6 or more together and make use of the 20% discount or persuade your favourite other that this is going to be a great night out!