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What: 📅 Fynbos & Fragrance Walk - Thursday, 25 July

Fynbos & Fragrance Walk - Thursday, 25 July


Where: 🕳 Constantia Valley

How much:

🎟️ R650.00Quicket

Remember to stop and smell the flowers! Join me on an informative and immersive walking tour in Constantia to experience the scents of fynbos.

Start the morning with a cup of home-brewed tea - my own special fynbos blend that guests love! Learn about the art of perfumery and get acquainted with fragrance materials through an educational introduction to plants and perfume.Follow me through a flourishing fynbos habitat where dozens of plants and flowers have stories to tell - and unique scents to discover.

The event will take place at a public location in the Constantia Valley. After booking, an email will be sent three days before confirming the venue with an address and contact details.


Follow Your Nose is based in Cape Town and was founded in 2023 by Justin Williams.

Hailing from the city’s southern peninsula suburb of Noordhoek, Justin grew up spending time hiking on mountainous trails and foraging along the coastlines around his home town. Having access to these spaces with a curiosity for nature, he developed a keen interest in foraging, mycology and ethnobotany over time, acquiring knowledge that has since earned him the reputation in Cape Town as an expert on edible fungi and medicinal herbs. Every year he teams up with Roushanna Gray from Veld and Sea to host a series of mushroom foraging picnics. His story as a forager has been featured on CNN and The Food Network, as well as making appearances in Woolworths Taste Magazine, Natural Medicine and GO! Magazine.

Having always had a keen sense of smell, Justin began paying more attention to the many fragrant herbs and scented flowers he came across. He became fascinated by olfaction and the scents he encountered often, like the damp forest floor or wildflowers in bloom. During lockdown in 2020, he began building a scent library – initially a collection of a few indigenous scent materials which has since grown to dozens of interesting essential oils, absolutes, extracts, tinctures and isolates. He is now one of a small handful of perfumers in South Africa, using local and unique materials to create fragrances.