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What: 📅 The Story of Buffel | Leefstyl

The Story of Buffel | Leefstyl


Where: 🕳 DeWetsaal

How much:

🎟️ R50.00General Admission

The Story of buffel with Meredith Thornton
Presented in English
Onrus beachgoers were surprised early one morning in February by an unusual visitor– a southern elephant seal! The tagged mammal, with disctinctive scars, was soon identified as a known elephant seal called Buffel. The time of year suggested that he had come ashore for his annual moult and it was crucial to ensure his safety during this month-long period. Due to the popularity of this beach, it also became necessary to raise awareness about seals and the laws that protect them. Meredith Thornton, Stranding Coordinator for the SA National Stranding Network, jumped in to manage the incident with a team of volunteers, municipal safety monitors and security guards. This is the story of how several organisations and complete strangers came together to protect Buffel the elephant seal, who in turn brought a village together.
Duration: 45 Min
Price: R50

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