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What: 🎵 Dialogues Through Food: A Kids Cookout! A Cooking Workshop For Kids and Their Pet Adults

Dialogues Through Food: A Kids Cookout! A Cooking Workshop For Kids and Their Pet Adults


Where: 🕳 Food Jams

How much:

🎟️ R700.00Quicket

A part of the Dialogues through Food series

THE EVENTThis journey of culinary discovery is for children ages 6 to 10 and their pet adults - a parent or guardian.

The kids lead, the adults follow, on this specially crafted adventure taking place at the Food Jams Soute venue in Salt River.

The Food Jams team has crafted a robust and delicious culinary playground at Soute that gives the kids agency in the kitchen and requires the adults follow instruction. This power inversion is central to fostering a positive relationship between food and child.

The Kids Cookout promises to be a delightful experience filled with delicious dishes, engaging activities, and loads of fun. Bring your enthusiasm and creativity!

On the Menu: Bunny Chow Baos: Craft your own gourmet mini bunny chow baos with an array of toppings! Veggie Crudités with Local is Lekker Dips: Enjoy a selection of crisp veggie sticks paired with a variety of artisan dips. Gourmet Cookie Decorating: Decorate exquisite cookies with a selection of fine icings and embellishments.

THE HOSTThe concept of Food Jams was developed whilst the founder, Jade de Waal, was studying jazz music in Cape Town. Aware that the best way to learn was to jam with other musicians at night – often with musicians she didn’t know or hadn’t met before coming together on stage - these nights would always end with a happy heart and great hunger. Her friends, aware of her love for the kitchen, started asking her to teach them to cook. She said, ‘Let’s jam together, using food instead of music’. She wrote up recipes & invited them to her parents’ kitchen. The first one was on the 4th of February 2010 and they have been jamming ever since. Food Jams blossomed when a partnership with Jocelyn Myers-Adams, an internationally renowned, locally-based chef & entrepreneur came to fruition in 2020.