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What: 📅 Hawaiian Homicide at Greenhaus

Hawaiian Homicide at Greenhaus


Where: 🕳 Greenhaus

How much:

🎟️ R465.00Quicket

Once regarded as the most accomplished dancer in all of Hawaii, Kea’s career ended abruptly twenty years ago when one of her more strenuous moves produced a recurring back problem which prevented her from ever competing again. She was then hired by the Kalapani Queen hotel to organise and run the Kalapani Hula Dance Contest. Tonight, would have been the night that Kea and the hula event would make headlines again. However, someone must have taken exception to Kea’s overbearing antics. This morning her lifeless body was found on the very beach where she had achieved fame and fortune.

Det. Lauren Law and Lee Justice have identified 4 main suspects in the investigation. Guests will examine evidence, gather clues and question suspects to catch the killer, all over a delicious dinner.

Event Details: Setting: Hawaii Time Period: ContemporaryDress up: Hawaiian themeTone: Comedic, tongue in cheek (think Brooklyn 99 meets CSI Miami)Meal: Main meal included