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What: 📅 New Tech, New Talent, New Tactics: 2024 Hiring Trends Presented By Wamly

New Tech, New Talent, New Tactics: 2024 Hiring Trends Presented By Wamly


Where: 🕳 Innovation city

How much:

🆓 Quicket

We are thrilled to announce that Wamly is coming to Cape Town for another one of our incredible events. Join us on July 25, 2024, at Innovation City for an unforgettable night of networking, celebration, and embracing the future of HR.

Event Highlights:

This exclusive gathering to be a game-changer for HR professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as we unveil groundbreaking insights that will shape the future of talent acquisition.Dive into the latest advancements in HR technology, where tech- powered solutions are revolutionizing the hiring process. Discover how to leverage cutting-edge tools and tactics to streamline your recruitment efforts and identify top-tier talent with laser-sharp precision.We’ll also explore the seismic shift towards prioritizing skills over traditional qualifications. Learn how to build a diverse, high-performing workforce by focusing on the competencies that truly matter, leaving behind outdated hiring practices.

Meet the Speakers:Engage with the Founder and CEO of Wamly, Francois de Wet, and a powerhouse panel of HR leaders, who will share their insider perspectives on navigating the evolving landscape. Hear firsthand from these industry titans as they unveil their strategies for aligning job roles with individual values and purpose, driving unparalleled talent engagement and retention.

This event is not just about learning - it’s about networking, celebrating, and embracing the future of HR.

About the venue:Situated in the vibrant heart of Cape Town’s innovation district, Innovation City is a beacon of creativity and advancement. Join us for a night of inspiring discussions, delightful cuisine, and exceptional drinks at this prime location. Experience an evening of inspiration and forward-thinking at Innovation City, where every detail is crafted for your comfort and engagement.

HR professionals of Cape Town, this is your chance to gain the insider knowledge and tactical insights needed to lead the charge in 2024. Reserve your spot now and get ready to revolutionize your talent acquisition strategies!