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What: 📅 ReConnect Networking Experience April 2024

ReConnect Networking Experience April 2024


Where: 🕳 Judd's Local

How much:

🎟️ R300.00

ReConnect Experience | Networking for Business Professionals


WHY? A values based experience (driven by values of authenticity and interconnectedness) that enables you to:Authentic Connections in an Intimate SettingUnlock Insights through Genuine Conversations**Restore Your Connection with Self and Others

Come Join Us! We would love to have you with us in Cape Town for an intimate, in-person networking session - LIMITED to 12 individuals.

“I really didn’t have much of an expectation because life was just really busy building up to the event. What I found very powerful was how quickly we got to having “real” conversations and how safe it was to show up as myself without the need for “armour”. And in that space I was really able to trust myself and trust everyone else which resulted in a lot learned and so many nuggets of knowledge and resonance with each of the other participants. Absolutely amazing Paula - you have an incredible gift!” - ReConnect Networking Participant, February 2024

Meaningful interaction is a fundamental need that, as solopreneurs, we have inadvertently lost….This is an intuitive experience designed for entrepreneurs to help them foster meaningful connections. We engage in conversation that’s real and insightful, leaving you feeling supported & heard. This is a 3 hour experience that infuses business professional networking with a mini reconnection experience.

Reserve Your Spot Now - don’t miss this rare opportunity to network with like- minded individuals and restore your connection with the world.

This is an opportunity to:*Build interpersonal connections.*Grow your network.*Find your community.*Improve your mental health.*Maintain a healthy work-life balance.*Feel valued and supported.*Reflect & gain new insights.

Who should attend: SolopreneursContractorsFreelancersExpats holding hybrid posts

Those who prioritize authentic connections, personal growth, and meaningful interactions in a small-group setting.

Date: 18 April 2024 | ThursdayTime: 9am – 12:30pmFacilitated conversations will end at 12 so please do stick around afterwards to mingle, order lunch etcVenue : Judd’s Local | 141 Kloof Street | GardensCost: R300 facilitation fee plus your coffee/tea a welcome tea or coffeebrekkie/brunch for your personal budget

I can’t wait to welcome you!

RECONNECT | “to join or be joined with something else again after becoming separated / restoring a connection”