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What: 🤣 Kurt Schoonraad - Wide Asleep!

Kurt Schoonraad - Wide Asleep!


Where: 🕳 Knysna High School's sports field

How much:

🎟️ R120.00Quicket

🎟️ R150.00Quicket

🎟️ R200.00Quicket

WIDE ASLEEP" A Stand-Up Comedy show delving into the hilarious realities of modern life

Get ready to laugh until your sides ache as the award winning , Kurt Schoonraad brings his latest and greatest stand-up comedy show, “Wide Asleep,” to you.

In “Wide Asleep,” he fearlessly tackles the trials and tribulations of adulthood, offering side-splitting anecdotes and observations about the joys and challenges of reaching the milestone age of “old enough”. From the perils of parenting to the pitfalls of technology, no topic is off-limits as he fearlessly explores the idiosyncrasies of modern life.

Audiences can expect a night of non-stop laughter as Kurt shares his unique perspective on everything from relationships and work to health and medical aid.

At times, we all feel like we are waking up from a dream and realizing you’re still in it," says Schoonraad . “In ‘Wide Asleep,’ he delves into the absurdity of it all with humour and heart. It’s a celebration of the messy, marvelous journey we call life.

Special offer: A ticket to the show and enjoy 6 oysters prior to the show. Roasted, Dressed or Naked…Oysters! Served 17h30 - 19h30.

Not to be missed!!!