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What: 🎵 Tribute to ABBA live at Fancourt

Tribute to ABBA live at Fancourt


Who: 🎤 Mike McCully and 🎤 MIKE MCCULLY

Where: 🕳 The Ballroom at Fancourt

How much:

🎟️ R150.00Quicket

🎟️ R200.00Quicket


     Mike McCully (of MCCULLY WORKSHOP and BUCCANEER fame) has put                  together this amazing TRIBUTE TO ABBA  

     Its a celebration of fun, music and dance with patrons re-living the days of ABBA         featuring songs like WATERLOO, SUPER TROUPER, GIMME GIMME,         MONEY MONEY MONEY, FERNANDO, DANCING QUEEN and many more  

     Led by Mike himself on the drums, the show features the two awesome Abba girls         Kea Brand and Sjanel Vosloo, whose silky smooth vocals bring Abba to life.Kea's          awesome versions of HONEY HONEY, THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC and         WHEN I KISSED THE TEACHER are show stoppers, whilst Sjanel's renditions         of CHIQUITITA, FERNANDO and THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL always         get standing ovations!  

     Keyboardist Gordon Mackay take lead male vocal and shows his piano skills         in typical Abba fashion with songs like DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW,         MONEY MONEY and many more.  

     Warren Lomberg on lead guitar and Neil Peyton on bass complete the lineup         with all members contributing to the amazing vocal harmonies.         This show has sold out everywhere is has performed and always ending with              standing ovations!         For an unforgettable evening of the best of Abba, this show is not to be missed.  

     Critics Rave…..  

                  "Absolutely brilliant !!"………………… …The Argus                      "A must for Abba fans"……………… ……The Cape Times                      "Awesome talent…the girls are fantastic"…..Die Burger