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What: 📅 Waterverf met Arie Swanepoel | Werkswinkel

Waterverf met Arie Swanepoel | Werkswinkel


Where: 🕳 Multi Purpose Centre

How much:

🎟️ R550.00Algemene Toegangskaartjie

Waterverf Vrouefiguur met Arie Swanepoel
Waterverf tegnieke in ‘n los, intuitiewe en kreatiewe styl met demonstrasie en leiding van ekspert Arie Swanepoel.

Arie Swanepoel, a South African artist and instructor, specialises in mixed media and watercolors.
His unique, loose, interpretive style on large canvases captures the essence of African wildlife and the beauty of large portraits.
Arie aims to convey the emotions of people and animals, using a limited palette and a direct approach to create evocative, expressive works.
Duration: 120 Min
Price: R550

Feesnavrae: | +27 61 5209041
Telefoon: 012 880 26 35
Maandag tot Vrydag: 9vm to 5nm
Saterdae: 10vm to 2nm
Sondae: 10vm to 1nm
Publieke Vakansiedae: 10vm to 1nm