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What: 📅 Stepping into your truth - an introductory tantric workshop

Stepping into your truth - an introductory tantric workshop


Where: 🕳 Noordhoek, The Center

How much:

🎟️ R1850.00

🎟️ R2150.00

Stepping into your truth - Level 1

Join us for a two-day, non-residential, introductory tantric workshop in which you will be guided to step deeper into your truth.

Much of our life, especially our intimate life, is heavily constrained by social conditioning - what we have been taught is right, correct, proper, appropriate, good, acceptable, etc. This, however, greatly prevents us from knowing what our own truth is and accordingly often leads to a way of life that greatly caps possibility, self-expression, pleasure, and living life to the fullest.

We will take you on a journey using movement, teachings, explorations in small groups, and sharing circles to rediscover and reclaim your truth and start to break down patterns, stories, and mindsets that stand between you and your truth.


Step into a deeper connection with yourself and othersLearn to feel and communicate your Sacred Yes and your Sacred NoDeepen your understanding of yourself, your desires, and your boundariesUnderstand and remove outdated and limiting beliefs that stand in your way of living your truthLearn tools of communication to set you up for delicious, powerful relatings


No previous experience neededAll genders and sexual orientations welcomeSingles and couples are welcome


How much nudity will there be?The workshop is consensual in nature - meaning you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. Given one of the goals of the retreat is to step into deeper love and connection with your body, the exploration of nudity is often a useful one.

How much intimacy will there be?The understanding of intimacy differs from person to person. For some, contact improvisation can be unbearably intimate, while for others it is as intimate as playing tennis. The emphasis of this retreat is on your empowerment and nurturing. Given this is an introductory tantra workshop, touch will be explored but will be limited to structured exercises.

Exact times and lunch infoSaturday 20 April: 9am-6:30pm and Sunday 21 April: 8:30am-5:30pm

Each participant is requested to bring one dish to share for the weekend.

VOICES FROM PREVIOUS WORKSHOP“This weekend workshop was life-changing; giving me tools I can use in my everyday life to process emotion in my body, truly feel when something is a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, the meaning of boundaries, illuminating assumptions, showing me what real connection is and so much more. There is much substance to the content of “Stepping into your Truth” but the real highlights are Sanja and Annika themselves. They have created a space of the utmost integrity, authenticity, trust and safety. Highly recommended!” - Irani

„A beautiful safe space held by Annika and Sanja, where I was inspired to push some edges of my comfort zone. I experienced an embodied expansion in my relating with self and others. Leaving the weekend, I am feeling a deep satisfaction and an inspiration to co-create a more beautiful world our hearts know to be possible.” - James

ABOUT LEAD FACILITATOR ANNIKA “I am a seeker of truth. I love honest, clear communication - verbally and non-verbally.I worked with several national and international tantra teachers. I did five trainings with ISTA – International School of Temple Arts.Besides leading tantra workshops, I offer Loving Touch Massages and holding Sweat Lodges on a regular basis.”

ABOUT CO FACILITATOR SANJA “I like to think of myself as a vessel for transformation. A professional, playful and courageous one! The wisdom of our bodies, in my mind, is one of the most underrated powers we have - and I look forward to exploring this with you!”


Please feel free to contact me, Annika, if you have any

We look forward to supporting you on your journey of stepping deeper into your truth!

Lots of love,Annika and Sanja