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What: 🎵 CARES - Pelican Park Talent Search Concert

CARES - Pelican Park Talent Search Concert


Where: 🕳 Pelican Park High School Hall

How much:


🎟️ R35.00

🎟️ R60.00

The CARES/Pelican Park High School Talent Search Concert is a highly anticipated event that aims to showcase the diverse talents of the students while also raising funds for the school. This concert not only provides a platform for students to display their skills in various areas such as music, dance, drama, and the arts, but also serves as a means to support the school’s programmes and initiatives and selection to be part of the Suidooterfees festivals and workshops. Through ticket sales, sponsorships, and donations, the event contributes to the sustainability of the school’s extracurricular activities and educational resources. Attendees can look forward to an afternoon filled with entertainment, creativity, and community spirit as they witness the incredible talents of the students on stage.