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What: Yoga, Breathwork and Ice Bath


Yoga, Breathwork and Ice Bath


LillyD Yoga and IceXpansion are partnering up to offer an in-depth workshop in which participants learn how to tap into their unlimited self-potential and power through the incredible practices of yoga, conscious breath work techniques, and ice immersion therapy. Our workshop teaches breathwork techniques and methods for a wide range of applications that are relevant and useful for many aspects of everyday life.
What to Expect:A relaxing yet challenging Yoga class
It's no secret that a movement practice is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Lilly will lead you through a relaxing yet challenging yoga practice focusing on heart opening (working on the shoulders, chest, and back). All levels are welcome, complete beginners included, and many variations will be offered so that you can choose what works best for your body.
An inspiring breathwork workshopAfter connecting to our bodies, Daniel will lead us through the IceXpansion workshop.
The average human only utilises 40% of their lung capacity and limited breathing potential during their day-to-day habitual breathing, essentially completely underutilizing their ability to breathe. The breath work training taught in the IceX experience will introduce you to breathing tools and techniques that will allow you to increase your lung capacity and breathing potential.
An icebath experience
Are you ready to challenge yourself and reap the benefits?

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