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What: 📅 Growth X10

Growth X10


Where: 🕳 Protea Hotel, Tygervalley

How much:

🎟️ R350.00Quicket

The GrowthX10 Event

GrowthX10 is a Transformation and Network event, built and created for Business Owners and Career Builders. This System was engineered for the optimal growth and transformation of business owners and career builders, whichever level you are currently on in business or within your career, you must change into the person your business, or your career needs you to be at that point in time, for that period of your business or career. You need to Transform into the person your business or career needs you to be, in order to take your business or career to the next level.

GROWTHx10 WILL GET YOU THERE, Transformation at its best.

GrowthX10 is only for business owners and career builders with Legacy mindsets, and those on their journey building generational wealth.

This is the road map, the blueprint, on how to get there.

Event Agenda

Section A (Introduction) 15min1. Welcome2. Rules & Agenda

Section B (Keynote Speaking) 90min.1. Transforming to a Better, Faster Stronger You2. Live a Happy, Healthy, Joyful Life3. Wealth Mindset4. Build a Brand5. Building a Legacy Mindset

Section C (Network Session) 45min1. Snacks & Beverages2. Meet and Great, Build Relationships with Everyone in Attendance.

Total Length of The GrowthX10 Event: 2 Hour 30Min

Key Value and Take Away from Event (What will you learn from this event? What will you get out of this event?)* You will learn how to control your mind. * How to build powerful habits. * How to become the person your business or career needs you to be at that point in time, Taking your business or career to the next level.* Transform yourself into a powerful beast, ready to achieve the ultimate success of generational wealth, and building a legacy standing for generations to come. * Growing and building your Network, in return Growing and Building Your NetWorth.* The chance to win a Prize worth R5000.* Free Book worth R250.* Free snacks and beverages.* Opportunity to join our GrowthX10 Membership.* How to live a Happier, Healthier and Joyful Life.

About Growth X10

GrowthX10 is a Transformation system, which was founded by Karl Abrahams. This system was created to help business owners and career builder, who would like to transformation with the intent to build a legacy, standing for generations to come.

All business owners and career builders! if you would like to build a legacy, positioning you to build generational wealth, for your children and their children’s, children. to benefit from generational wealth as a birth right, giving them the freedom to focus on happiness, Joy and peace.

The GrowthX10 system was built with the following components, Data Analytics, Mathematical Equations/Formulas, Neuroscience, Transformation Case Studies, Systems and Processes, Blueprint Action Plan Trail and Tested with the intent to give You the Ultimate Success and Generational Wealth.

Karl Abrahams has built this system over a 23-year time period, using his Education, Work Experience, Business Experience, High-Performance Business Coaching and Life Coaching experience, Knowledge and Research, this includes all other research he has done over the year, as Data to build this Powerful Transformation System. He has also studied and researched Neuroscience, Finance, Economics, Python Coding, HR, Mathematics, AI and AI Automation. All of the above was factored into the GrowthX10 system.

The GrowthX10 System was built, trailed and tested over and over, year after year, case study after case study, to produce the final result. Business owners and career builders who uses this system, increases their chances up to 95% to achieve the ultimate success, building a legacy standing for generations to come, positioning you and your children for generational wealth.

You will experience results on this program from day one, and every day after that, until you have achieved your goal.

Don’t miss out on The Growthx10 System, it will Change Your Life Forever.

There is limited Time, Limited Space, Don’t Miss Your Spot, Book Now.

10 BENEFITS YOU WILL GET, BY ATTENDING THE GROWTHX10 EVENTS:* Free Book* Free Course* Free Entry into a competition worth R 5 000* Access to a Powerful Transformation System* Free Beverages* Free Snacks* Network session with business owners, investors, employees and more. Build Your Network, building your NetWorth.* Free data and content that will help you transform into the person you need to become in order to achieve the ultimate success.* Free access to our business partners.* Free access to apply for business loans via our business partners.

About Karl AbrahamsKarl Abrahams is the Keynote Speaker for GrowthX10, He mainly speaks about Transformation via Neuroscience, Business, Finance, Life Coaching, Health and fitness, Economy, Career Tips and Moves, Social Media, Branding and Marketing, Sales, AI Automation, SEO, SEM, SUO, Ecommerce.He has studied the above and has huge experience in all areas. Karl also has extensive experience in the banking industry, of which he has worked for all 4 major banks in South Africa. He also has experience in law as well as the health and fitness. He has started multiple businesses.He has also coached more then 20 business owners, helping them grow their businesses, taking them to and their businesses to the next level.He has done this via High Performance Business Coaching. Karl is also an Author of Business Books, and Transformation Books.

The GrowthX10 System was built and created to help business owners and career builders achieve the ultimate success in life, to build generational wealth and to build a legacy standing for generations to come.

Why The Growthx10 System and Program?In order for you to achieve any type of success, you must change. You cannot stay the same person, as every level of success needs a better faster version of yourself. If you want to achieve the ultimate success, You Must Join The Growthx10 System. Sign up now!

Buy Your Ticket Now for Only R350 and Benefit from All of the Above.