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What: 📅 Astral Travel Class

Astral Travel Class


Where: 🕳 Soul, Hout Bay

How much:

🎟️ R2250.00Quicket

Astral Travel is an ancient practice which was perfected by the spiritual masters and has been used for thousands of years.

Many misconceptions and mis-information exists as urban myth or out in the media or within religious or spiritual circles regarding this practice and one of these describe Astral Travel as a practice where the soul leaves the body. This is not possible for any living human being and any person whose soul or spirit leaves their body will cross the veil. Much teaching is done in this class around this belief and how this ancient practice is actually done.

When practised safely, using these perfected techniques that are tried and tested and are firmly grounded in the principles of a lineage, this is a powerful way to expand your consciousness and your awareness beyond the physical confines of your body.We will lay a firm foundation for you to learn and to start using Astral Travel as a tool to expand and grow and to use as a tool to bring about greater clarity, light and healing into your life as a whole. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Light snacks and warm drinks as well as a beautiful lunch is included to keep you energised and fuelled during tea breaks and lunch time.

A full day class filled with fun exercises and ancient information, you will love and embrace!

Booking Essential via Quicket:General ticket – R2250pp

General ticket sales closed at 15h00 on Friday. 26 July 2024

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Contact Information:For any queries email Sanet on or WhatsApp 073 528 0394