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What: 🎵 Herbie Tsoaeli

Herbie Tsoaeli


Where: 🕳 The Athletic Club and Social

How much:

🎟️ R300.00Quicket

Affectionately known as “uMalume” or “other musicians’ bassist of choice”, HERBIE TSOAELI is a bassist, composer, arranger and a 2013 South African Music Awards winner (Best Jazz album). Herbie cut his musical teeth in the early 80’s in Nyanga East Township, Cape Town, South Africa, where he was born and raised. Since moving to Johannesburg in 1995 Herbie has developed a reputation as one of the most accomplished and in-demand acoustic bass players in the country. Over the years, Tsoaeli has brought his simplicity and honesty into joyful performances in bars, clubs, concert halls and festivals alongside South Africa’s most gifted players of music. An improviser and lover of the free-jazz ethic, Tsoaeli delights in taking the audience to a creative space of deep feeling -assured, they always return feeling stronger.“Herbie Tsoaeli is a highly skilled virtuoso musician, extremely complementary and supportive accompanist, a gifted composer and generous ensemble player. More than all of these, Herbie is a pure joy to be with because of his joyous personality, sunny disposition, infectious laugh and friendly accessibility. I love Herbie Tsoaeli like a brother I never had” - HUGH MASEKELA