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What: 📅 D.O.G



Where: 🕳 The Factory

How much:

🎟️ R180.00Quicket

🎟️ R260.00Quicket

🎟️ R350.00Quicket

To all the strange kids: You’ve been unsexed, violently delighted. Drenched in blacklight, left delirious and wrapped in Venus’ furs. You’ll always be our human bondage. Now let’s BEAT THE FUCK ON, bitch.

MAY 31 / THE FACTORY, PAARDEN EILAND / 20:00 - 04:00


This is for you: New bark, same bite.

THE SCENE:A temple in hyperspace, an electric altar to our divine deliciousness, as brutal as she is beautiful.An industrial playground of transcendent hedonism, where we feast upon the flesh of our PARTY / ART / SEX.

THE FASHION:Party monsters, club kid deities, deviantly decadent realness. Liberate yourself, make your body a canvas to paint your most delicious desires. Wear heavy metal, PVC, leather, latex. Rhinestones, ropes, glitter, and grease … Whatever surrenders you to the cosmic hedonism of PARTY / ART / SEX. WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL LIKE A FUCKING SUPERSTAR!



  • R350 ON SALE NOW



SAFETY & AWARENESS We understand that our space can be challenging. We strive to create a utopia where hedonism and desire can be explored through community, love, and discourse. Any behaviour which does not align to this vision will not be tolerated. This includes any form of discrimination, harassment, hate speech, or misconduct that compromises the safety and integrity of our family. Any persons reported to be engaging in such behaviour in our house will be removed and banned from future entry. Look after yourself and those around you. Act with kindness and compassion. Should you at any point feel unsafe, harassed, or victimised in our space, or encounter someone who needs help, we encourage you to report your experience to the door or flag down one of our safety marshals. Our organisers will be contacted, and we will work together toward a resolution. Safety first, always.

VALUES & CULTURE Though all are welcome at D.O.G, we champion the visibility of historically marginalised identities. POC, queer, trans, non-binary and femme bodies call D.O.G home, and this is a space for them to be free. We ask that those who enter our world respect the various experiences and processes of those around them. Ask before taking photographs, be conscious of your language when engaging with new people, and never, ever touch anyone without their consent. It’s through these simple acts that we can begin to engage in shared discourse and start pushing our utopia into the fabric of reality. FEMMES TO THE FRONT.

ACCESSIBILITY Please note that The Factory is not designed for wheelchair access. The Death Of Glitter is aware of the challenges this may cause and how it affects our ultimate goal of creating diverse and accessible nightlife experiences. We are working together with the venue to develop and implement an accessibility plan. While the exact details have not yet been confirmed, the plan might involve earlier entry times and separate entrances for those who require wheelchair access, facilitated by a team who will be trained to meet the needs of our guests. If you wish to attend and require wheelchair access, please contact us at and we will devise a plan to best suit your needs.

Please note that this event uses flashing lights and A/V effects. Those with photosensitive epilepsy may be affected.


In ‘PARTY,’ we understand that the most radical thing we can do as queer people is to celebrate being alive in a world built to kill us. Revolutions are fought in many ways; ours is fought on the dance floor.

In ‘ART,’ we champion unbridled creative expression, self-liberation, and freedom. We are a house in which to explore yourself, play with making your own mythology, and experiment with the notion of identity. Here, you can be a fucking superstar.

In ‘SEX,’ we believe in owning our bodies and sexuality, in fierce self-love and the safe, consensual exploration of intimacy in all its forms. We are a community of liberated and self-aware individuals who understand that through kindness, love, and mutual respect, we can change the world one piece of glitter at a time.

NO U18s / ROAR