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What: 🎵 The Misty Cliffs

The Misty Cliffs


Where: 🕳 The Hangklip Hotel

How much:

🎟️ R120.00Quicket

In the heart of Cape Town’s bustling music scene, The Misty Cliffs have emerged as a beacon of indie pop-rock and singer-songwriter excellence. The trio, comprised of Nick Turner on guitar and vocals, Nick Catto on bass and vocals, and Matt Catto on drums, percussion, and vocals, combines a profound depth of experience with an infectious energy that defines their sound.

The Misty Cliffs invite listeners to embark on a journey with them, one that traverses the vast landscapes of emotion and sound. Their fresh, vibrant energy, coupled with their seasoned insight into the craft of music-making, positions them as a rising force in the indie pop-rock and singer-songwriter genres. With each performance, The Misty Cliffs are not just playing music; they are crafting an experience, one that leaves audiences both moved and exhilarated.

R120 per Ticket on QuicketR155 per Ticket at the Door