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What: 📅 Barefoot Leather Shoe Workshop - Melkbosstrand

Barefoot Leather Shoe Workshop - Melkbosstrand


Where: 🕳 The Imagination Station

How much:

🎟️ R550.00Quicket

The world has started to catch on to the importance of our feet and the connection it allows us to the earth. Our posture, balance, and everyday movement start with how we stand, walk, and move around.

Being able to feel the floor and splay your toes is fundamental to good foot health. The shoe industry doesn’t cater to the individual’s foot shape and size, unfortunately, but you can. In a couple of hours, as a novice, you can shoe those feet independently.

This beginner’s leather workshop will teach you rudimentary skills used in handmade leather production. Leatherwork is a heritage craft. It has been done for over 80000 years and by species other than homo-sapiens. It is ingrained in our ancestry. These shoes will change the way you walk, they are the perfect size and shape for your foot and have a thin sole allowing you to still feel the earth below your feet.