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What: 🎵 Making Our Sammy Webber Stand Again

Making Our Sammy Webber Stand Again


Where: 🕳 Westend Club Galaxy

How much:

🎟️ R150.00

Sammy Webber is a renown jazz bass guitarist & one of Cape Town’s true sons. Sammy lost his leg and 80% of his sight about 13 months ago. He remains the amazing bassists he always was even though he is currently confined to a wheelchair which creates numerous restrictions for him from an income perspective. The biggest issue is that many of the venues he gets hired for, are not wheelchair friendly and he often has to turn these gigs down resulting in a loss of revenue. Also, his wife is also his female vocalist and often has to carry and lift the speakers and do the sound setup particularly when they perform as a duo. If Sammy could stand / walk again, this would alleviate this issue largely as well as restore so much dignity and pride in this wonderful human being that has given so many of us so much musical pleasure over many years.

The intention of this fundraiser / event is to raise R167 000 so that we can pay for the prosthetic leg. Further funds are required to assist with rehabilitation and physiotherapy, but we are hoping that this event will break the back of this effort to help Sammy to stand again.