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What: 📅 Mindfulness Experience with dr. Kantha Pillay | Wellness

Mindfulness Experience with dr. Kantha Pillay | Wellness


Where: 🕳 Wholeness Haven

How much:

🎟️ R250.00General Admission

Mindfulness Experience with Dr Kantha Pillay
Experience and learn the mindful art of living.
Mindfulness is an evidence-based practice for reducing stress, anxiety and depression, and improving physical and mental health.
Clinical psychologist Kantha will guide participants through both formal and informal mindful practices.
She will also teach you the neuroscience of how mindfulness shifts neural pathways from stress and fight/flight to calm and wellbeing.
Online resources will be provided.
Suitable for experienced practitioners as well as beginners, 18 years and over.
Duration: 90 Min
Price: R250

Feesnavrae: +27 61 5209041
Telefoon: 012 880 26 35
Maandag tot Vrydag: 9vm to 5 nm
Saterdae: 10vm to 2nm
Sondae: 10vm to 1nm
Publieke Vakansiedae: 10vm to 1nm