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What: 📅 OM Chanting with Anita Craig | Wellness

OM Chanting with Anita Craig | Wellness


Where: 🕳 Wholeness Haven

How much:

🎟️ R100.00General Admission

OM Chanting with Anita Craig
Om is the universal sound of creation, the highest and purest vibration that exists.
When we practise Om chanting, we practise padaseva bhakti – the expression of divine love and service to all beings.
Join us to collectively attune to the divine presence of Om, expanding our awareness and enabling one another to dive deeper into finding divine love within.
Duration: 90 Min
Price: R100

Feesnavrae: +27 61 5209041
Telefoon: 012 880 26 35
Maandag tot Vrydag: 9vm to 5 nm
Saterdae: 10vm to 2nm
Sondae: 10vm to 1nm
Publieke Vakansiedae: 10vm to 1nm