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What: 📅 Ver In Die Wêreld Kittie

Ver In Die Wêreld Kittie


Where: 🕳 THE BLIK

How much:

🎟️ R230.00Webtickets

David Kramer’s Kanna-winning musical tells the story of Josef Marais and Rosa de Miranda’s success in America and Canada. They became famous there in the 1950s as ballad singers who performed Afrikaans folk songs in English. Kittie Jaftha, a woman who grew up with Josef’s mother in Worcester feels betrayed because she knows Josef learned these songs from her and Koos Heuningbek, a worker on the farm of Koos’s father.

KITTIE is performed in English and Afrikaans. There will be surtitles for anyone that doesn’t speak Afrikaans.

Jenny Stead, André Terblanché, Dean Balie & Rushney Ferguson

Kerryn Torrance, Ivan Potts & Nick Turner